You really should have just honored our bet, John. You lost the game fair and square, so you had to go to work as a woman.

But you thought you would be smart and duck into a public toilet on the way there and wash all the makeup off and change back into your regular clothes.

It's a good thing I went to check upon you!

Today, there won't be any way you'll be washing this off. Hell, this makeup probably won't come off for a week! With the glue I put in your lashes, they will stay like that until they grow out completely! And I don't think you'll want to change into your work pants, unless you want everyone to see the silhouette of the cock cage I've put you in, or the vibrating buttplug I've locked in your ass.

Oh, and since you welshed on the bet, this isn't just going to be a one-day deal anymore. You're going to be dressed like this for the next month. I expect selfies everyday from work to prove you've done it. And remember, your name is Jan now. After a month I will unlock you and you can go back to being John... that's assuming you still want to!

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