She was posing for a picture like a real model in her new sexy outfit her new lover had got her.

The man that had changed her. Changed from Leon in to Lysa She was looking at him the man that had awakened Lysa. The man that had made her feel things that she had never felt before.

The man she had met only a week ago in a club. A week ago when she had worn panties.

Lysa had still been excited from the ride over to his house.

The way he had made her suck him while he was driving.

Looking up at him while trucker horns sounded.

Now in his living room she was looking at him with his greying hair and beard and that knowing smile he was always wearing like he owned the place. It just made her explode inside.

She was going to make him feel as good as he made her feel.

He deserved it, he did really own her mind and she wanted to be his...

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