You can struggle all you want sissy, you won't be able to untie yourself, I really know how to put on the ropes, but it's fun watching you struggle and squirm.

So, now that you're in no position to object, I'm going to introduce you to the next phase of your feminization training. No doubt, you know what this is, yes, it's a little device that I'm going to use to lock up your sissy cock for one week out of every month.

You're going to start having a period, sissy, just like real girls do and in honor of this event, your first period, I've invited my girlfriends over so they can watch me jerk you off, and then, when your cock has gone soft, my locking this thing on you.

They'll be bringing pads, tampons, pantiliners, panties, all thing a girl needs for her time of the month and one girl is even bringing what she calls a torture bra for you to wear so your boobs get sore, just like ours do. Welcome to femininity, sissy, it's not all pretty clothes and attracting men.

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