It's funny, you know. I've been a sissy for years and men have always treated me like shit, like I'm a piece of ass to be abused for their amusement.

But after just a couple months of hormones redistributed my fat onto my chest to give, me the tiniest of tits, all of a sudden you men start looking at me as a woman. And now you all put me on a pedastal to worship! Just one glance, one stern word, and you all fall into line now.

So, no, I don't feel like being fucked today


But I do want to cum in your mouth. You can play with my tits while I flood your throat with my sissy juices, okay?

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  • on Aug 22, 2018

    by Nina Stronghold

    I know I'm the sexiest sissy you'll ever shoot

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    Being cum-guzzling sissy is your goal in life

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    I rode his cock just like I had seen all the women do in porn

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    How does that taste, sissy? What does it tastes like?

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    This outfit and rope bondage is simply preparation for my role of decoration

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    by The English Mansion

    Make you biggest cum guzzling sissy faggot on the planet

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    You can't be any more feminine than this sissy

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