Hello! I'm glad you could make it. So, you say you're not a sissy. Lets try a few tests to see if you are or not. Ok?

First, take my panties. As you can see, I had sex with a man, right before you came over. Yes, thats his cum on them, still warm from dripping out of me.

If you want to prove you're not a sissy, you need to put my panties on. Now! Doit! Put on my panties. If you don't I'll think you're too much of a sissy! If you were a confident man, you'd know it doesn't matter what you wear.


Was that so bad? Now you're in panties. Cummy panties to be more precise.

Tell me. You're wearing my cummy panties, and you say you're not a sissy?

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    It is nice though making you wear those panties

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