As a sissy, you're not really a man anymore. Because no real man dresses up in frilly, silky outfits. No real man wears makeup, or wigs, or perfume, or heels, or stockings, or nailpolish, or bras, or panties, or garters.

But you're not really a woman either, are you? Because women don't get turned on just by dressing up. And even if they did, they wouldn't show it by having their tiny dick jutting out, now would they, sissy?

No, you're something different altogether.

A sissy. Which means your only role in life is to sexually satisfy real men, while your own needs are left unmet.

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  • on Sep 13, 2018

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    He recently confided in me that he was secretly a sissy

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    Being cum-guzzling sissy is your goal in life

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    'm the sissy of your dreams, aren't I?

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    Dream of yourself as a girl

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